The Pony Set: Three Musketeers

I probably should have posted about this piece of art ages ago, considering it’s the profile pic for my Facebook page and all, but… here we go. Way back when in 2014, my mum and I had the idea of making coaster sets with decorative paper and ceramic tiles. While we mostly used generic scrapbook paper, we had the idea of me painting original, four-piece sets, copies of which we would use for the coasters. It was a cool idea, but what we failed to take into account was the difficulty in getting a true-color copy and the color-changing reaction of the inks to the Mod Podge we used for the process. We abandoned the idea of creating more original art coasters, but not before I had painted two coordinated sets: The Cat Motion Study Set and The Pony Set.

The “Three Musketeers” was the first piece in The Pony Set. Probably because it was fall, I couldn’t get enough of fluffy, shaggy, naughty Shetland ponies, so I settled on that as the motif. Winter coats of pangare bay and palomino, and pumpkin sorrel covered the three little goobers sticking their heads together, no doubt planning some kind of shenanigans.

“Three Musketeers” is available as prints and other products at  and the original can be purchased at

Three Musketeers by Laurel Anne Equine Art

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