About Laurel Anne Equine Art

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I am a watercolor and other media artist based in western Pennsylvania. My day job is training and caring for horses where I draw endless inspiration from the antics of the horses and other animals, as well as the beautiful PA countryside.

Laurel Anne of Laurel Anne Equine Art

I find horses, in their authentic state, to be very soothing to watch, grazing, grooming, playing, and whatnot. So, with my original artwork, I try to capture the magic of horses, nature, and everyday farm life. In the gallery, you can browse through my original paintings and click on your favorites to discover the backstory. Or, you can head over to society6 LaurelAnneEquineArt, to purchase additions for your home.

“Quiet Summer Woodland” by Laurel Anne Equine Art

In addition to my personal projects, I am also for hire as a commission artist for animal portraits! Just send a high quality (digital) photo and I will paint your animal! For more information on commissions, check out LaurelAnneEquineArt on Etsy:

Portrait of
Portrait of “Rain” by Laurel Anne Equine Art

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