The Pony Set: Grooming Ponies

Grooming Ponies by Laurel Anne Equine Art

There are two previous entries in this series:

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The Pony Set: Pony Kiss

Pony Kiss by Laurel Anne Equine Art

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“Pony Kiss” is the second painting in The Pony Set. After painting “Three Musketeers” I felt like going for a simpler color scheme and to feature some horse colors that didn’t make it into the first picture. The result is a dapper (can shaggy ponies be dapper? I think so) black pony and his snowy-white girlfriend. Fun aside: the white pony’s expression is based on Libby, the queenliest mare at our barn.

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Pony Kiss by Laurel Anne Equine Art
Pony Kiss by Laurel Anne Equine Art