Holiday Deals On Christmas Cards And More!

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Faerie Lunar New Year

Faerie New Year by Laurel Anne Equine Art

Good evening, long time no post! Back on 8th February we ushered in the Lunar Year of the Monkey. Scrolling through pictures of flowers with Chinese New Year on the brain, I couldn’t help but notice how much bleeding-heart flowers (dicentra) look like Chinese lanterns. The vision of the little flowers glowing in the night made me think of the tiny garden people that would live under those flowers, the faeries. After setting up the flowers as the framework of the scene, I added little faerie magic fireworks and ribbon dancers to add to the festivity.

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Faerie New Year by Laurel Anne Equine Art
Faerie New Year by Laurel Anne Equine Art

Raven Pegasus

“Raven Pegasus” is one of my rare ventures into the realm of fantasy artwork. This painting was inspired by the raw strength and power of the horse, which I tried to emphasize with the heavily arched neck and flaring nostrils. The pose is of Mr. Pegasus collecting himself before launching into flight, chosen to show the best angles of his feathers, and the motion of his heavy, windswept mane.

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Raven Pegasus by Laurel Anne Equine Art
Raven Pegasus by Laurel Anne Equine Art

What is a Unicorn?

Maiden and Unicorn 11x14 watercolor

What does the word unicorn mean to you? Unicorns abound in popular culture, oftentimes as symbolizing little girls, imagination, or fantasy land. For many people, the unicorn carries connotations of femininity and even silliness.

Ancient legends see the unicorn as a symbol of purity. He is shy. He lives in the deepest reaches of the forest and will only allow himself to be seen or handled by a gentle maiden. Sometimes he has the power to purify polluted water with the touch of his horn.

To me, the unicorn represents the soul of nature, and also the soul of horses. His body is large and powerful, but his spirit is noble, wise, and gentle. He will only show his true self to a person that is calm, honest, and does not wish to make use of him. He is to be appreciated, not to be owned. If you are luck enough to see this unicorn, it is a blessing to be cherished.

Tell me in the comments, what does the unicorn mean to you?

Maiden and Unicorn 11x14 watercolor
“Maiden and Unicorn” 11″x14″ watercolor

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