Past Portraits: Rain

Cadenza Storm, better known by her barn name Rain, is a Holsteiner-Thoroughbred mare who is a permanent resident at my stable. Although she has had a somewhat troubled past, Rain has grown into a curious and intelligent young horse. Her favorite hobbies include galloping from the far end of the pasture to the gate, nimbly handling the creek, logs, and other natural obstacles in between, and hiding behind her best pal Mocha after teasing other horses.

I loved painting Rain because of her unusually dark dapple grey color as well as her finely-molded, thoroughbred type features. True to her sense of humor, Rain took an overly serious approach to being photographed for her portrait, and is doing her attempt at a “Vogue” pose.

Portrait of "Rain" by Laurel Anne Equine Art
Portrait of “Rain” by Laurel Anne Equine Art

If you like this painting and would like one of your own animal, I am available for hire! Watercolor Animals Portraits are available for purchase at!

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